The Dutch golden age (1602 - 1702)

A century initiated in 1548 with a war for independence with epic conquests, major scientific breakthroughs, beautiful art, true global trade, heroic battles and full of human tragedies

Welcome to the Dutch golden age


The purpose of this site is to introduce non Dutch speakers to the 17'th century world of The Republic of Seven United Provinces. There are many sites about this so called Dutch golden age, but hardly any in English. This is private initiative, meaning it always will be under construction. So, if you don't find your answers right now, please come back later.

We do appreciate you help, whether it is through interesting publications, financial support or any feedback and we are happy to answer your questions. Please feel free to contact us.

For now, we wish you a great time in our golden age from the liberation from the Spanish, through epic conquests, breakthroughs in art & science, the establishment of true global trade and heroic warfare with all its negative sides of human tragedies.

Drs Ronald E. Teuthof

'Oderint dum metuant' or 'They may hate me as long as they fear me'. Personal slogan of the Roman emperor Calicula used by Antony van Diemen, Governour-General of Dutch East India (1636 - 1645)


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